Hail, Caesar! Review

“…really felt like a Coen brothers movie to the core.”

When I think of a Coen brothers movie, i think of zany yet relatable characters in outlandish situations. This movie delivered that in spades and really felt like a Coen brothers movie to the core. The movie was marketed as a film about an actor who gets kidnapped, and the crazy things that then happen, but I find that to be a marketing fault because really thats not what the movie is about. Sure, that happens in the movie but really the movie is about a day in the life of a man who is the head of production at one of the largest movie production studios in Hollywood. The movie is set in the early 1950’s, so it is really a period piece/love letter to old hollywood with a real Coen brothers fell to it. Like I said, the movie follows Head of Production, Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin), as he tries to solve a plethora of problems that, if let undealt with, could lead to the crumbling of the entire studio. This leads us to see what happens behind the scenes of many of the types of films that were popular in the early 1950s, as well as all of the crazy characters who were in charge of them.

I was worried about going to see this movie, because the few reviews I had read seemed to either absolutely love the movie, or despise it. After seeing the movie I realized that trait is a part of many films made by the Coen brothers. This isn’t the first movie by the Coen brothers that was found to be very polarizing to the audience. In fact some of their films were released to very negative reviews, only to be loved a few years later. I feel this movie will receive the same treatment. The only thing that I can hold against the movie is I felt that some story lines had very little point and just kind of fizzled out of existence, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy those parts of the movie all the same. Apart from the great writing, I also really enjoyed the look of the movie. The Coen brothers decided to shoot Hail, Caesar! on film and I think that it really helped the movie feel like an old hollywood film.

There is not much I can really say about this movie besides the fact that if you enjoy the work of the Coen brothers you should go and see it, but if not I would say you should probably skip it.

I give Hail, Caesar! a B+ (4.5/5)

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