Man Up Review

“…doesn’t attempt to break new ground or do something even slightly out of the ordinary.”

So yesterday I watched the romantic comedy Man Up, and honestly I was pretty underwhelmed. I’m going to be completely honest, the reason I had any interest at all to watch this movie was because Simon Pegg is in it. I love Simon Pegg (who doesn’t right?) but I should have taken it as a glaring hint that the last movie I watched of his was Kill Me Three Times which was wildly underwhelming. But barring my best judgement I watched Man Up anyway. In Man Up, Lake Bell plays a woman who loves The Silence of the Lambs and hates it when her friends try to set her up on blind dates because frankly, she would rather be watching The Silence of the Lambs I guess. Her life then turns upside down when she gets mistaken as Simon Pegg’s blind date in a train station. What you then see unfold is the classic love story with cheesy jokes and hamfisted writing. The main problem I have with the movie at this point isn’t that the plot is uninventive, it’s that Simon Pegg plays an insufferable twat the whole time. So everything I love about Simon Pegg was not showcased at all in this movie starring Simon Pegg. Anyway, the jig is up for our pal Lake Bell when Simon Pegg finds out that he is on a date with the wrong woman. I honestly wish the movie would have ended here instead of continuing on to give us a fairytale ending. Because SPOILER ALERT, the two characters realize they are perfect for one another and end up together by the end of the film. Something I find funny is the movie takes place over just one night, so the realization that they love one another isn’t really solid. I want to see the sequel (which I have crowned in my head Man Up 2: Grow A Pair) that takes place a week from the first movie where both characters realize that they hate each other, and that just having fun on one date doesn’t always mean that two people are compatible.

I kind of rambled on in that first paragraph there, and I apologize for that. I will now try to go into more detail on why exactly I didn’t like the movie, but don’t expect it to be a very long list because much like the actors in the movie, I don’t have much to work with here. So like I mentioned before the movie plays it very safe. I don’t mind when a movie sticks to what it knows, but this movie added nothing of substance to take away. I just watched the movie yesterday and already I feel the characters fading out of my mind faster than Mart McFly in the photograph when he almost banged his mom. Honestly, the story was paint by numbers, and the dialogue was uninspired. I’m glad that the characters in the movie seemed so pleased with the dialogue they were speaking because at least someone had fun. Even on the comedy front (technically half of the importance in a romantic comedy) this movie only got a few genuine chuckles out of me, and most of them were just me noticing how disinterested most of the actors looked in the movie. Speaking of the actors, much like the story there just wasn’t much there. Every character seemed to hit every bit of growth they were supposed at precisely the time they were supposed to do it. The only time I felt the acting was good was during the dance floor scene where Simon Pegg storms off, but the movie then quickly settles back to being as bland as it can be. I mean even the soundtrack was uninspired for fuck’s sake. Every song perfectly encompassed what I guess the audience was supposed to be feeling, but for someone who wasn’t feeling anything it was kind of like a mix was put on of every song that was once popular. Again, there was one thing I liked about the soundtrack, and that was the appearance of the instrumental version of the Pixies’ ‘Where is my mind’, and that is because I like the song not because it was used well.

Honestly I don’t know what else to say other than Man Up was predictable. If you like romantic comedies, it’s not a bad movie it just doesn’t attempt to break new ground or do something even slightly out of the ordinary.

I give Man Up a D

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