We Are What We Are Review

“… all facets coming together perfectly to form a truly unsettling film.”

We Are What We Are is a thriller/horror film revolving around the Parker family. What makes the Parker family so special is that they always keep to themselves, and they are upstream from the location of some human remains. The film takes place in Delaware, which is strange because I was led to believe that nothing ever happens there, during current (-ish) day but is still able to give a creepy almost Victorian era vibe.

I guess the first thing I should talk about is whether or not the film was effective at being scary. I would say that the film isn’t really scary in the normal sense of the word, but it is more deeply unsettling. I likened it to The Witch in that it relies very much on atmosphere to make you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately the focus on atmosphere left the movie dragging its feet on a few occasions. Not to say that I was bored because the film did have a very interesting story that was engaging, its just that the first half of the film builds up to a reveal that is easily known if you pay attention or read a plot synopsis online. That leaves the film lacking any real punch so to speak, and it fails to pick up until about 2/3 of the away through. The movie also leaves a few questions unanswered (ones that I won’t mention here because of spoilers). These questions act as reveals themselves but I was just left scratching my head wondering what the fuck had happened. Maybe I’m just not as smart as I originally thought. The ending of the movie was great but again left me scratching my head. It was a good payoff tonally, but the questions kept piling up.

The soundtrack of the movie does a great job of setting the tone, many of the songs being old country songs that are played on an old record player. This gave the movie another level of creepy and almost felt like something in a David Lynch film. The acting was amazing and completely complemented the story itself. The two actresses who played the daughters did amazing jobs, as well as the actor who played the father. Again, everything just added to this unsettling tone that the movie was putting out.

Overall We Are What We Are is a great atmospheric horror movie with all facets coming together perfectly to form a truly unsettling film.

I give We Are What We Are a B

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