Housebound Review

“Everything from the acting, to the story, to the effects is done in such a flawless manner.”

As October comes to a close so does the Just Alright Reviews Horror Movie Month (name subject to change). I figured why not end the month with a recent horror movie that instantly became one of my favourites, Housebound. Housebound is a film about Kylie, a (terrible) thief who is sentenced to house-arrest at her old family home with her mother, Miriam. Things get scary when Kylie hears her mother on the phone talking about strange experiences that she attributes to ghosts. Not long after, Kylie starts to experience similar things and it is up to her to figure out if her house is haunted, and by what, but also how to survive.

Now why I love Housebound is very simple: it manages to take multiple horror sub-genres and combine them in a way that is both unique and reminiscent of older films. The film pays homage to many older horror films and because of this is able to keep you on your toes at all times. Even though I had seen the film recently I was still caught off guard by all of the revelations(or twists). These different story elements are all done so well that the film almost make them its own. As you can tell I’m trying my hardest not to spoil the film, because it really is something that needs to be experienced.

Adding on to this roller coaster of emotion is the fact that Housebound is absolutely hysterical. The film was made in New Zealand, so it has a similar style of comedy to Flight of the Conchords or What We Do In The Shadows. I’m not sure exactly why, but New Zealand just oozes talent. Despite the fact that the film will have you doubling over with laughter, it manages to be legitimately scary. Its a fine line to walk when making a horror comedy, and many projects seem to fall more on the comedy side and then the movie falls to shit. Housebound, on the other hand walks this line perfectly and gives you a ‘best of both worlds’ experience.

It is honestly difficult to talk about this movie because nothing I will say will do it justice. Everything from the acting, to the story, to the effects is done in such a flawless manner. The only thing I can say is that you should watch this film.

I give Housebound an A

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