A Charlie Brown Christmas Review

“… watching it again last night gave me a whole new perspective on my love for the Christmas season classic.”

I’ve always liked A Charlie Brown Christmas, but I never really knew why. Was it the really cool animation? Was it the amazing soundtrack? Was it the clip show-esque presentation that mimicked life to an almost scary degree? It was probably all of those things, with a little touch of ‘I like it because other people like it’ thrown in. But watching it again last night gave me a whole new perspective on my love for the Christmas season classic.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Christmas. On one hand I love the togetherness of the holiday, but on the other hand I hate how that has been exploited by companies to sell their shit. I like that Christmas encourages that everyone be nice to one another, but I don’t see the point in being nice to a person that I otherwise wouldn’t just because it is the 25th of December. I love getting gifts, but I hate buying gifts for other people because fuck you John, it’s my pay check and I worked hard for this money and I know you’re just going to give me a shitty card again this year you prick. I’m not going to lie, this year has been rough for me. I mean every year is rough for me because I live in a hole of sadness, but this year was particularly bad for two reasons: 1. I got a taste of the good life which solidified my opinion that my life is shit. and 2. This year just happened so it is freshest in my mind. Recency bias is a real bitch. Like Charlie Brown I’ve been floating endlessly through the holiday season wondering what the point of it all was. There was a lot of death, some near-death, and some really mixed messages that were all throwing me off my game. But unlike Charlie Brown I was able to suppress all of those feelings with alcohol by getting drunk not one, not two, but three nights in a row and going into work the next morning on all three occasions. I’m old school and believe in the ‘stuff it down with brown’ mantra. And despite these nights being really fun and fulfilling my social quota for the year, I left each one feeling sadder than the last. This all culminated into me on Christmas Day spending time with an uncle who I’ve only met once before, and who has suffered (is suffering) from throat cancer which made the conversation a little non-existent. This isn’t what Christmas is like in the movies, unless the movie you are watching is A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charlie Brown understands that the holidays are shitty but he’s the only one with enough balls to say it. But then my days turned around, at least a little. Despite almost being in three separate car accidents I can honestly say that my day rounded out to a net-positive. I got to go to the movies with my mom, and then take her out to a ridiculously expensive dinner at a Chinese buffet. And most importantly I got to hang out with my best friend who I haven’t seen for a while and reluctantly talk about my feelings, which really helped with everything. And just like at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas, all was right in the world.

But that’s not how A Charlie Brown Christmas ends, because none of the problems are solved. Sure Charlie Brown’s friends take the time to help him out and make sure that his Christmas is a special one, but all of his qualms with the season in the first place still stand. And that’s really why I love A Charlie Brown Christmas: it understands that life, especially around the holidays, can be shit. But there is nothing you can do to change that so what you have to do is look for the silver linings.

I give A Charlie Brown Christmas an A

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