Home Again Review

“It definitely feels like a movie made by committee, and that committee only consisted of middle-aged women.”

Last night I decided to to watch Home Again on the recommendation of a friend, and it was even worse than I could have imagined. Home Again is a movie about 40-year-old Alice Kinney, a recently divorced interior designer who has a one-night stand with a much younger man who then movies into her house with his two friends as they try to become filmmakers. What ensues is just a whole lot of ‘funny’, ‘cute’ shit that is painful to sit through.

So my biggest issue with Home Again was the fact that absolutely nothing in this movie felt natural. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing. The musical choices in the film were very jarring becasue not only did they not fit the scenes they were a part of, but they didn’t match one another either. It seemed like a random audio collage of royalty free audio clips that you would use for a student film. The performances in the film were so wooden, I was struggling to decide whether or not the actors had read the script beforehand. And this issue only compounds with the awful jokes that were delivered throughout the film, a good number of them by the insufferable child who obviously didn’t understand what was being asked of her. And to top all of this off the direction was all over the place. It was honestly like the director of Home Again had never seen a movie before, but had heard about them and read maybe one or two paragraphs on shot composition. And honestly that’s what a lot of this movie feels like: an out of touch mess. For example, the three young characters who are supposed to be filmmakers seem like a weird gentrified version of the cast of Entourage, and everything else about the movie seems as though it wanted to emulate movies from old Hollywood (which would make sense), but only the bad parts. And what makes all of this even worse was the fact that literally none of the plot points in the film had consequences. At the end of the day, regardless of what had happened, everything was cool.

And all of the jokes were in the fucking trailer. I wouldn’t have laughed at them anyway, but come on. Save at least one joke for the people who payed to see your movie.

Overall Home Again was an absolute mess of a movie. From beginning to end it assaults every single one of your senses until you’re begging for it to end. It definitely feels like a movie made by committee, and that committee only consisted of middle-aged women.

I give Home Again an F

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