The F Word Review

“… I would almost classify it as being aggressively inoffensive.”

Yesterday I watched The F Word (known to some as What If?) because of the fairly good things I had heard about it. It was a mistake. The F Word is a film about Wallace, a dude who recently got out of a pretty rough relationship and is sad about it. Enter Chantry, a young woman who Wallace is vey much attracted to but the catch is she has a boyfriend. Cue many heartfelt and comedic moments.

The biggest problem I had with The F Word was how fucking boring it was. I guess you could say that it did a good job of mimicking life in that interesting things only happen every once in a while, and even the they aren’t that interesting, but holy shit. The movie seems to fucking stand around and do jack-shit for most if its runtime, making this 100 minute movie feel like 100 years. And the most boring part about this movie was how inoffensive it was. It was so inoffensive, I would almost classify it as being aggressively inoffensive. The F Word tiptoes around so many topics and actual plot points to deliver what might be the most bland movies I’ve ever seen.

I will admit that the plot was interesting, showing a relationship blossom out of an already tested relationship, but they did almost nothing with it. The only redeeming quality about this movie is Adam Driver’s performance. Driver single-handedly bring the ‘comedy’ to this ‘romantic-comedy’.

There isn’t much else I can say about The F Word. It’s kind of like if Gordon Ramsay tried to review shredded wheat. It’s there. It exists. It’s bland as all Hell, but it’s there.

I give The F Word a D

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