Inside Llewyn Davis Review

“All I know is that I love it.”

I started writing movie reviews as an exercise in emotional articulation. I had a hard time conveying exactly how I felt at any given moment, so I decided to tackle that issue head-first and start a blog where I do exactly that. Every once in a while when I feel myself getting too comfortable or confident, I like to throw myself a curveball. Have you ever seen a movie that you liked, but you couldn’t quite explain why? That’s Inside Llewyn Davis for me. I know that I like Punch-Drunk Love becasue of the score, and Pineapple Express becasue of the genre-blending script; but Inside Llewyn Davis is a harder movie to categorize.

I mean sure, I love the soundtrack. I actually believe that Inside Llewyn Davis has one of the best film soundtracks ever released. The film’s use of folk music to set the bleak tone is astounding, and it absolutely ignited a love for the genre within me. And don’t even get me started on the vocals. Sung by Oscar Isaac himself, these songs feature so much emotion, so much heart, that you really feel connected to Llewyn.

And that brings me to the performances. Absolutely brilliant. Not only is this the film that introduced me to the wonder that is Oscar Isaac, but it features brilliant performances by all. The way Inside Llewyn Davis paints the indie music scene of the 60’s is astounding to me, and the world created is so realistic thanks to the performances. Every single one is filled with so much emotion, so many layers that you just want to claw away at and get to the raw centre. These characters are flawed, they’re real, and that only adds to the film’s impact.

But it isn’t those things that make me love the movie. Is it the story, that manages to be a dark but realistic look at the starving artist? Is it the colour pallet of the film with its muted colours and hazy pastel look that exude a grim and dreamlike tone? Or is it the juxtaposition of the futility of show business and the triumph that comes when doing what you love? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

All I know is that I love it.

I give Inside Llewyn Davis an A

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