Pink Floyd: The Wall Review

“… full of very bleak themes and dark imagery that will make your heart hurt and your skin crawl.”

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Pink Floyd, but it’s not because I don’t like their music. Pink Floyd requires what I would call ‘active listening’ to really appreciate their music and lyrics, and I’m more of a ‘put in on as background noise’ kind of guy. That’s why Pink Floyd: The Wall is so effective. It forces you to be an active participant in the story of Pink Floyd’s album by giving the songs visual counterparts that enhance the experience.

This is why Pink Floyd: The Wall works so well; it is almost the best way to experience the music that is held so dearly by many. It takes all of the themes present in the album and essentially spells them out for you which makes both comprehension and enjoyment a breeze. But don’t be fooled, although the experience is easy it is far from enjoyable. Pink Floyd: The Wall is full of very bleak themes and dark imagery that will make your heart hurt and your skin crawl. Although the film is very stylized and beautiful to look at, in other ways it is like a car wreck in that you can’t look away despite every fibre of your being begging you to do just that.

Pink Floyd: The Wall offers a mix of interesting live-action pieces (the bulk of the movie), but also some very stunning animated works as well. These pieces allow for the story to take a more theoretical turn and offer more abstract concepts the the viewer. These moments are absolutely beautiful and often times offer poignant looks at the themes presented by the music.  One thing Pink Floyd: The Wall does very well however is keep the messages presented fairly grounded. This allows for the audience to grow a stronger connection with the story being told and really relate to what is being shown on screen. Apart from the ending being kind of busy both thematically and visually, Pink Floyd: The Wall manages to stay very accessible throughout its 90 minute runtime.

There isn’t much more I can say about Pink Floyd: The Wall. It allows for a simplified Pink Floyd listening experience and works a beautiful companion to the music in the film. Although I wasn’t a fan before, Pink Floyd: The Wall definitely changed that.

I give Pink Floyd: The Wall an A

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