Deadpool 2 Review

“… a worthy successor to the throne that the first film built.”

Yesterday I watched the highly anticipated sequel to Deadpool, and it was really good. Deadpool 2 picks up sometime after the first movie when Deadpool is morally tasked with caring for a young mutant with a bad temper. Things escalate when a weird cyborg from he future comes looking to kill this mutant, and Deadpool has to do everything he can to keep him alive.

So I actually watched a Deadpool double feature yesterday, and I can say that while I enjoyed the first film more it’s a very close race. One thing I can easily say about both films is, even after sitting in a theatre for about four hours I wasn’t bored once. The Deadpool films have brilliant pacing as well as great comedic scenes which make the runtime fly by. The first Deadpool was filled with gory fight scenes, hilarious jokes, and strange but loveable characters, and Deadpool 2 is more of the same. Though the story covers a larger scope than the first film (a much larger scope), that just allows for more of these zany characters and situations to take place. I will admit that the film felt a little too full at times, only becasue there was so much going on that it felt as though plot lines were being resolved in record time, but that once again added to the lighting-fast pacing of the film.

Deadpool 2 really nailed the comedy of the first film as well with multiple scenes making me double over in laughter. Sure there were a few moments of “comedy” that went on a little too long, or made me roll my eyes a little too hard, but I’m just thankful that those moments were few and far between. But the thing that Deadpool 2 really added to the franchise was a sense of gravity. The film introduces a really dark plot that contrasts so well with the comedy portions of the movie, and that contrast is what makes Deadpool 2 so interesting. You could be laughing your ass off one minute and, and then be experiencing an assault on your feelings the next. Deadpool 2 struck that balance between genres almost perfectly, and it was a better movie becasue of it. I also really loved all of the cameos that we got to see, both characters in the comics and actors themselves. And I do also have to point out that the effects in Deadpool 2 were not great. There were moments (like a particular Domino scene) that looked like it was ripped straight out of a video game. It’s disappointing becasue the first film was so good in that regard.

Overall Deadpool 2 was a worthy successor to the throne that the first film built. It managed to keep up the same level of humour while upping the stakes drastically. Though some parts of this film are weaker than those of its predecessor, Deadpool 2 manages to be a really fun time; and it’s a movie that I’m sure I’ll see again.

But that X-Force rap during the credits is everything that is wrong with Deadpool.

I give Deadpool 2 an A

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